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Protect Your Public Spaces with Dynamic Spatial Intelligence

3D Modeling + 2D Digital Assets

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Up to  
decrease in response time

Based on multiple blind trials, independently conducted by a Northwest Iowa/Southwest Minnesota SWAT Team. 

DTI provides digital intelligence and situational awareness for first responders before and during any emergency situation, as well as further security for staff within a corporation or school setting. Our goal is to harden soft targets while enhancing first responder safety and effectiveness. DTI uniquely serves both public facilities and the first responder community.

Serving both the client and Public Safety personnel

Services and Assets

Integration with First Responder Command and Control

DTI integrates emergency response software to ensure ease-of-access and efficiency for first responders. 

Training Sessions for First Responders and Other Users

DTI conducts training for first responders and other users of the models to provide the skills needed to operate this technology in stressful and chaotic situations.

Keeping Your Models Current 

DTI's scanning technicians will return to the building upon renovations or structural changes. These areas will be rescanned and applied to the current model. This also includes updated features and capabilities within the model due to frequent advances in software and technology.

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SkyView Asset

Our SkyView Assets provide first responders with information in the surrounding area of the structure. The 2D floorplan is also overlayed in full and half opacity, allowing the user to see the interior elements relative to the exterior as well as objects on the roof that may become a danger in the event of a fire. 

Capturing your Physical Space

Our technicians will arrive on site and use Infrared/LiDAR scanning technology to capture your physical space. This process involves scanning all possible areas of the building in addition to collecting photos using traditional cameras and drones. 

Additional Uses for Recipient

Future Planning and Design

Usage of the 3D model allows schools and businesses to collaborate with architects for future building projects and renovations. The model also allows administration and directors to create videos/conferences in order to furnish classrooms or offices with furniture, decals, storage, lighting, carpeting, etc.

Staff Orientation, Training and Recruitment 

When recruiting highly qualified staff outside of the local community, the model allows for video interviews to become personal and welcoming as you show the candidate through the school/business and their future classroom or workspace.  The 3D model aids in training new maintenance, custodial and non-certified staff. Orientation of new staff to the district/business, allowing them to understand all parts of the building and their role in the system. 

Students, Parents and Community

Building tours have never been easier for families looking to transfer into the district before their on-site visit. Orientation and tours become streamlined and accessible to all families more than just once or twice a year. 

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