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SPAD Detectors Enable Quantum Ghost Imaging Breakthrough for 3D Imaging with Single Photons

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in quantum ghost imaging using single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) detectors, enhancing imaging capabilities and minimizing photon dosage. By overcoming previous limitations, the new method enables 3D imaging on a single photon level with remarkable precision.

Quantum Ghost Imaging Explained: Quantum ghost imaging utilizes entangled photon pairs to create images, relying on the detection time of each photon to identify entangled pairs. The new asynchronous detection scheme uses SPAD arrays instead of previous intensified charge-coupled device (ICCD) cameras, improving temporal detection of single photons.

In addition to biomedical applications like non-invasive eye care diagnostics, the technology is valuable for hyperspectral imaging and military and security applications. As further developments refine the SPAD cameras, the precision and versatility of the system will grow, revolutionizing various scientific disciplines.

SPAD detectors' breakthrough in quantum ghost imaging represents a significant milestone in imaging technology. By enhancing imaging capabilities and minimizing photon dosage, the applications of this extraordinary new technology continue to grow.

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