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Secured My School's Innovative Approach to School Safety and Tech Education Gains Recognition

Secured My School's (SMS) innovative approach to school safety and tech education has received national recognition with a featured article published by the esteemed Bluefield Daily Telegraph. The article sheds light on SMS's collaboration with Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) to utilize digital twins and 3D models for training students and educators on emergency preparedness and response measures, thus enhancing school safety protocols nationwide.

SMS employs cutting-edge digital twin technology to create interactive 3D models that serve as virtual replicas of educational facilities. These models are instrumental in identifying vulnerabilities, facilitating emergency response efforts, and training students and educators to effectively respond to emergencies. The partnership with Matterport has enabled SMS to leverage the advanced capabilities of Matterport's donated Pro2 cameras, enhancing their efforts to create comprehensive 3D models.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph, a renowned news outlet, has recognized and highlighted Secured My School's ground-breaking approach to school safety and tech education. The featured article provides a comprehensive overview of SMS's mission, detailing their collaboration with Matterport and the use of digital twin technology to make educational facilities safer.

Secured My School's recognition by the Bluefield Daily Telegraph signifies the growing importance of their innovative approach to school safety and tech education. This recognition solidifies SMS's position as a leader in this field and will serve as a catalyst for further advancements and partnerships in their mission to revolutionize school safety practices.

To learn more about Secured My School and their ground-breaking initiatives, please visit their website at



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