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Rethinking Ways to Keep Students Safe in the Classroom

In response to the devastating mass shootings in schools, educational institutions are forced to reevaluate their strategies for student safety within the classroom.

Fox2Sierra, a security consulting company based in New York, has introduced a unique product designed to serve as both a teaching aid and a protective shield. These bulletproof dry-erase boards are intended to provide classrooms with an additional layer of defense in the event of a school shooting. The goal is to buy students and teachers valuable time to react and find safety.

According to Izzy Fried, the CEO of Fox2Sierra, the concept behind the bulletproof dry-erase board is to offer an innocuous item that can easily blend into the classroom environment. With a size of approximately 24 square feet, these boards can be used to create a barrier in front of classroom doors, or serve as a shield for students trying to escape to safety. Unlike traditional dry-erase boards, these specialized boards are designed to absorb and stop bullets, potentially saving lives in high-risk situations.

While the bulletproof dry-erase boards present a valuable tool in enhancing classroom security, it is important to note that they are not meant to be the sole solution. Izzy Fried emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to school safety that includes a range of different security measures. These measures could encompass enhanced surveillance systems, security personnel, and protocols for responding to emergencies.

Fox2Sierra has already seen positive responses from some schools and houses of worship that have proactively invested in these boards. Funding for the boards has been achieved through grassroots efforts, with donations from concerned parents and community members coming together to support their implementation. By taking action themselves, these individuals are ensuring the safety of the students in their care.

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