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Public Safety and DTI Work Together to Enhance Safety and Preparation in Dickinson County, IA

In the wake of increasing school shootings, first responders have found themselves in a race against time to locate and neutralize shooters as quickly as possible. However, locating a stationary shooter in a large and unfamiliar building can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, a solution has been found in the form of a 3D model produced by Digital Twin Imaging (DTI) that can dramatically improve response times.

In light of the above, a study was conducted to test how different response times of nine different groups equipped with different resources would affect their ability to locate a stationary shooter in an elementary school. The scenario involved locating a shooter in a classroom and putting 2 rounds on target, with the shooter represented by a silhouette target holding a firearm. The teams utilized simunitions, and the room where the target was located also contained a team member as an observer to confirm the end of the scenario. Importantly, the teams were timed from the moment they made entry at the main North entry door to the elementary school building to when 2 rounds were successfully placed on the target.

Groups 1-3, the control group, had no knowledge of which room the shooter was in and hence had no specific strategy. As expected, they had longer response times that averaged around 7-10 minutes. Groups 4-6 had the knowledge of the shooter’s location but not the 3D model, hence had shorter response times averaging around 50 seconds. Finally, groups 7-9 had both the knowledge of the shooter’s location and the aid of the DTI 3D model. For them, response times were significantly reduced to less than 35 seconds.

The study demonstrates that the DTI 3D model, provided by Digital Twin Imaging, is a game-changer in school security. Not only did the teams using the model have superlative response times, but the capacity for preplanning compensates for the lack of knowledge of the school layout, making response much more effective. Its usefulness in situations requiring rapid response to complex scenarios, like shootings, is particularly notable. It is vital that first responders use these tools to improve response times and save lives in moments of crisis.

It’s always important to be prepared for a crisis situation like an active shooter in schools. The DTI 3D model, provided by Digital Twin Imaging, is an essential resource that can help save lives and has proven to be highly effective in reducing response time. In today's world, it is crucial that schools prioritize quality security measures to protect the students, staff, and visitors from harm. Let us be proactive and ensure we have measures in place to address emergency situations and keep our communities safe.

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