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Enhancing the Midco Arena: Augustana University (SD) and Digital Twin Imaging

Pictured: Augustana University Midco Arena (West Elevation) by JLGice

Augustana University is taking strides towards innovation and excellence by utilizing Digital Twin Imaging (DTI) in the construction of their Midco Arena. This blog post aims to highlight Augustana University's prudent choice to create a digital twin and highlight the benefits it will bring to the construction and security aspects of the venue.

Creating a digital twin assures the university's commitment to safety and security at the newly constructed arena. DTI offers a comprehensive overview of security systems to evaluate potential vulnerabilities. This allows for simulation of emergency scenarios and progressive optimization of security protocols to ensure safety for every person present at events.

Through the integration of sensors, surveillance cameras, and advanced data analytics, security personnel can quickly detect and respond to anomalous activities or potential threats.

Augustana University aims to provide a unique and seamless fan experience within their new Midco Arena construction project. Through DTI, the university can optimize crowd management strategies, facilitate navigation, and deliver personalized notifications to enhance fan enjoyment.

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