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The New Standard
in Digital Intelligence

Protecting Public Spaces

Delivering Situational Awareness

Integration with First Responder Procedures

Integration with emergency response software to ensure ease-of-access and efficiency.

Training Sessions 

Training for first responders and other users, providing them with all skills needed to operate this technology under duress. 

Keeping Models Current and Updated

Rescanning due to renovation and model updates to make certain that the digital environment reflects the physical one. 

Hardening Soft Targets.

DTI SIM hardens soft targets such as schools, churches and factories

Who We Are

Hear from a client

Hear from Greg Hiemstra, a school administrator from NW Iowa, speak about his experience with DTI's models and how he is utilizing its functions within his school district. 

Client use cases



Recruiting new staff is made much more personal and inviting when using the model. Workspaces, duties and responsibilities can easily be shown to potential and current staff members.



Building tours for families can be done with ease, allowing them to see the key sections of the building such as classrooms, gyms, performing arts centers, etc.



Collaboration with colleagues and other third party companies is made easy with our models. This allows productive remote discussions regarding design, building renovations and much more.

Contact Us for a Demo 

This video demonstrates a few of the features and use cases of our 3D models. 

Using Model in Stack.jpg

Force Multiplier.

DTI creates, maintains and integrates 3D models for use by first responders to expedite their response to any emergency. This facility reduces response times by up to 15x based on randomized trials conducted by a SWAT Team of Northwest Iowa/Southwest Minnesota, covering an area larger than the state of Connecticut. These secure models are available, on demand, for first responders 24/7. 

DTI's digital assets assist in providing first responders with enhanced safety, situational awareness and efficiency. The end goal is to mitigate the consequences of any soft-target emergency. 

Contact us for inquiries or demonstrations from our valued members here at DTI.

Are You Ready to Protect Your Public Space?

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